Here's the Easy Way to Find Deleted Files on Windows and Mac

How to Find Deleted Files

Have you accidentally deleted some of your important data?

The answer is probably Yes, that’s why you are here reading this article. Don’t worry, your files are not gone anywhere. You can easily find deleted files using the Deleted File Recovery tool. After reading this article you will get the perfect answer to your most obvious question, “How to find deleted data?”

Deletion is by far the most common reason due to which many users lose their important data. There are many ways due to which a user might delete their crucial files (discussed later in the article). Usually, the deleted files are saved in the temporary storage known as Recycle Bin in Windows OS & Trash in Mac. But when the deletion is performed using Shift+Delete or the Recycle bin is emptied, then user thinks, the files are deleted forever. But that is not the truth; you can easily know how to find deleted files on PC. Actually the deleted files remain on the drive until and unless they get overwritten by new files. Therefore it is highly recommended not to use the device until the recovery is performed on it.

Some common reasons for file deletion

  • Using “Shift+Del” keys – Many users have a habit of using Shift+Delete key combination to erase file. The files deleted using this option, are not saved in the Windows Recycle Bin and are believed to be lost forever.
  • Emptied the Recycle Bin or Mac Trash – Deleted files are saved in the Recycle Bin or Mac Trash. But if the files are removed from there too, without checking the contents, then it might create a problem.
  • Accidentally deleted files from Recycle Bin or Trash – Suppose you were removing some files from the Recycle Bin and due to a slight distraction, you selected some important files which you wanted to restore. In such a case, only deleted files recovery tool can help you and will show the best answer to the question “How to find deleted files?"
  • Deletion from an external storage device – Most of the users are unaware of the fact that when a file is deleted from an externally connected device, it does not go in the Recycle Bin or Mac Trash. It simply bypasses that storage. Therefore the cases of data deletion in such a way are very high.

To avoid losing important data from your hard drive or any other storage device, keep the following things in mind –

  1. Always keep a backup of all important files.
  2. Immediately stop using the device from which the deletion has happened.
  3. Never save the recovered data on the drive from which the deletion has happened.

To know the answer of “how to find deleted files?” you can make use of the deleted file recovery tool. It is available as a free demo version so that user can try it for recovering deleted data from hard drive and other devices. A user can even preview the restored files in the demo version. Upon successful recovery of the files that the user was looking for, is done, then the registered version has to be purchased. Then the recovered files can be saved on any desirable storage media.

What makes the File Recovery Software much more effective than others?

  • Easy and simple to use interface, which guides you throughout the file recovery process.
  • Can be operated by both professional and home users without any difficulty.
  • Powerful scanning algorithms for thorough search for deleted files within a short span of time.
  • Considered to be non-destructive and works on the read-only principle.
  • Allows you to save recovered files on any device that is accessible to the host Operating System.

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Know how to find deleted files now by following simple steps

Step 1: Download and install the File Recovery Software. Launch the application to start the recovery process. Once the application is launched, select “Recover Files” option from the main screen.

How to find deleted files - Main Screen

Step 2: Now, select the “Recover Deleted Files” option from the next screen to restore erased files from the storage device

How to find deleted files - Next Screen

Step 3: Select the storage device from where you want to recover the erased files. Once the file recovery process is done, view recovered files using either “File Type/Data Type” view.

How to find deleted files - Preview Screen

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